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Being aggressive in cleaning dust from the air in your shop
doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a ton on new

If you don’t have a dust collection
system in your shop, now’s a great
time to start. For many hobbyists and
home-shop woodworkers, such
systems seem a like a luxury – the last
tool to be bought. But more and more
of us are beginning to take dust
seriously. That’s a fact that the tool
industry now recognizes.
There’s a reason to be concerned. Wood dust is related to many health
hazards, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; skin rashes;
asthma; allergies; and some serious lung diseases. It has even been
liked to a rare form of nasal cancer. Estimates indicate that up to 13%
of woodworkers have dust-induced asthma. Breathing wood dust can
also cause chronic bronchitis or emphysema. During their lifetimes, one
third of all woodworker experience some adverse health effects from
contact with wood dust.

While shop vacuums are extremely popular among woodworkers, they
may not be the best solution for systematic dust control. First and
foremost, their capacities are generally much smaller than that of most
large, stationary machines. Secondly, their filters usually don’t trap
some of the micro-particles that can aggravate allergies and irritate the
respiratory system. There’s no doubt: For most shops, a complete dust
collection system is necessary to protect your health.


Dust collection systems are now more affordable than ever. These are
among the most popular versions of dust collection systems for home

1. If you’re looking for a fairly powerful dust
collection system, but don’t have the space or
the desire to set up a "fixed" dust collection
system, consider the #22878 JET Portable Dust
. It’s easily wheeled from one tool to
the next and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
Portable collectors use a hood near the work
area to gather dust left by routing or sanding
operations into a bag. It can also be hooked to any power tool with a
4-inch port.
2. If you’re ready for a centralized dust collection system, the
#22642 JET DC-1100 Dust Collector is a good choice that
outperforms all others in its class. It is essentially a large
impeller that pushes dust and chips into a 30-micron filter bag,
then pushes air out through another 30-micron filter bag. Most
shop vacuums are low-powered, single-stage collectors,
making them a far from perfect choice for use with large
stationary power tools.
3. Professional shops often use a large
cyclone-type dust collector that can cope with
a huge volume of dust. Rockler Woodworking
and Hardware now offers the #24746 Oneida
Cyclone Dust Collection System
for home
shops. This is the system that won the 2000
American Woodworkers Editors’ Choice
Award for best performance.
4. Ever forget to open and close the blast
gates? That’s a slip-up that often results in an
unbalanced system, reduced performance, and actually increases dust.
The Ecogate Blast Gate System eliminates this problem. It features an
electronically-controlled, motorized blast gate that opens and closes
automatically when your machine is turned on or off. The Ecogate Blast
Gate saves you time, helps protect your health, and saves
you money on energy. Included in the #24726 system are four
4-inch motorized blast gates, sensors, and a control system
for $699. Individual blast gates with cable and sensors are
also available for $91 and sold separately.
In fact, "dust collection"
is really somewhat of a
misnomer. "Dust collectors" are actually collecting mostly wood chips and particles. The dust, for the most part, winds
up in the air. To protect yourself from that dangerous airborne wood dust, you either need to wear a respirator/mask or, for the highest degree of safety,
use an Air Cleaner as part of your dust collection process. One of the best is the #24770 JET AFS-1000 Air Filtration System. This high-quality system features an electrostatic filter which removes 98% of all particles five microns in size. This technology also removes micro-particles of smokes, viruses, bacteria, and fine dust at the rate of 25 times more effectively than an ordinary home furnace filter. And it cleans and circulates the air in a 20 x 20 x 8 shop in under five minutes!.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has everything you need to set up a complete, thorough, and efficient dust collection system – many of which are currently on sale!

#88551 4-INCH BLACK PLASTIC HOSE: Tough, lightweight ABS plastic for abrasion resistance a

#88486 BLAST GATES: Gates control the air flow so you can direct it to the dust source. 4-inch diameter opening

4-INCH QUICK DISCONNECT FITTINGS: Easy to attach and reattach to any 4-inch tool fitting. Choose from either #22425, which threads into your hose with the need for clamps; or #39620, which clamps to your existing hose. Both feature secure fit and quick disconnect.

Abrasion-resistant and durable. Made of tough, lightweight ABS plastic.

#88527 Elbow

#85501 T-Connector

#88535 Splicer

#33452 Floor Sweep

#88519 Y-Connector

#88543 4" Steel Base Clamp

#88494 Reducer 4" to 3"

#89195 Reducer 4" to 2-1/2"

#34654 Shop Vac Adapter

#30246 4" Hose & Pipe Hanger

#92031 Universal Dust Port

GROUNDING KITS: No matter what type of central dust collection system you opt for, make sure it is properly grounded for optimum safety. Dust is a notorious fire hazard, especially fine dust, so you must make absolutely certain that your system is spark-free. Our grounding kit #18003

LESS MESS DUST COLLECTOR: If you just want to keep the sawdust from piling up around your table saw, our #20465 Less Mess Dust Collector offers a quick and easy solution.

DUST COLLECTOR SEPARATOR: You can turn your JET DC-110 dust collector into a two-stage collector with the #27351 Dust Collection Separator. This 2-stage system operates with a cyclonic action to prefilter out the heaviest particles before they hit the impeller. This increases its particle-holding capacity, meaning it needs to be emptied far less often. It also cuts down on the wear and tear on the impeller, extending the life of the unit.

DUST COLLECTION BASICS BOOK: #88444 Dust Collection Basics is a must-have to help you get the maximum effectiveness out of your dust collection system. It includes excellent tips on topics from ductwork to grounding.

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