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[keep in mind that bandsaw do not track like a regular saw. try some pratice cuts and let it track where it wants to. It will probably track the same way each time, After you have figured out how "it wants to track" set up your fence accordingly and you will be able to cut straight lines. Bandsaws are an animal all of their own but once you master it, it is the most used tool in your shop. keep the faith, you will get the hang of it. remember it has a mind of its own. learn its mind don't fight it.


I have a new band saw (my first) which I'm sure is not set up correctly. When cutting free hand, I find it very difficult to keep it on track. Even when cutting against the guide, I feel like I am fighting to stop it going to the right (the guide fence is on the left); in fact, it is a losing battle, I cannot keep it against the guide fence.

There are many adjustments available, but I am not sure where to start. Can anybody give me any pointers?

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