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Old 06-22-2004, 10:27 AM
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Default Cutting paper with scroll saw

I've got a little paper cutting project in mind, at least 50 copies of the same detailed thing, and have heard that it can be done on a scroll saw.
How the heck do I pull this off? What type of blade should I be looking for? What speed should I cut at? What is the best way to keep 50 sheets of paper together so I can cut them all out at once? So many questions and absolutely no clue.
Thanks in advance
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Old 08-20-2004, 11:46 AM
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Default Cutting Paper with Scroll Saw

I have done this many times. 50 sheets is about the maximum number to cut at a given time and this is NOT recommended for fine detail. If you have very fine detail, use no more than 10 sheets as the blade will not follow the top and bottom equally. I sandwich the paper between two sheets of plywood. Use 1/4" for the bottom and thinner for the top. Even the 1/8" pressed wood works for the top.

Apply the pattern to the top sheet of wood.
Align the wood and paper.
Drive small nails or brads through the whole assembly. Depending on size, I might use 10-30 brads.
Make sure if the points come through the back that you grind them below flush with the plywood. I use a Dremel tool with abrasive disk.

Make all inside cuts first. Then complete the outside making sure you clamp if possible the stack as you approach the final part of the cut.

Change the blade often as the paper will burn and leave a damaged edge.
Use the largest blade possible for the detail you need. I have successfully used 2/0 blades with slow feed rates.
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