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Here are some Grizzly wood lathes for sale. They are listed in order of price, lowest to highest. The sizes are from a little mini turning lathe to a 14" swing lathe. Be sure your shop has the proper electric wiring to accommodate the power supply needs of the any new machines you buy.

Note: Also, these lathes have freight charges for shipping. So check for shipping fees before you finalize your order.

 Grizzly G9247 Variable Speed Mini Wood LatheGrizzly G9247 Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe

Modelers and crafters: This is the lathe for you. The Model G9247 has features found on other mini-lathes costing hundreds of dollars more. You just won't find a better value anywhere.



* 1/4 H.P., 110V TEFC brush type motor
* 12" between centers
* 3/4" x 16 TPI right hand spindle
* 5-15/16" swing over bed
* Includes tool rest, live rolling center and spur center


  Grizzly G8690 Variable Speed Wood Lathe Grizzly G8690 Variable Speed Wood Lathe

With its solid state speed control and exceptionally smooth and powerful motor, we know this will soon be a "favorite" in your shop. Small enough to fit on a bench top, yet packed with features for your big "little" jobs. And with the variable speed capability, you will always be at just the right RPM for the task.


* 1/3 H.P. motor
* 20" between centers
* 6-1/4" swing over bed
* Shipping weight approx. 40 lbs.
* Variable spindle speed 0 - 3025 R.P.M


  Grizzly G8691 14" x 40" Wood Lathe With Stand Grizzly G8691 14" x 40" Wood Lathe With Stand

If you need a rugged and durable medium-duty lathe with its own stand, then this Model G8691 is for you. It can handle 40" between centers and up to 14" diameters, perfect for table legs or stair railing posts.



* 1/2 H.P., 110V brush type motor
* 14" swing over bed
* 40" between centers
* Includes adjustable tool rest, live center, spur center and 6" face plate
* Shipping weight approx. 70 lbs.



  Grizzly G1067Z 14" x 40" Swivel-Head Wood Lathe - Z SeriesGrizzly G1067Z 14" x 40" Swivel-Head Wood Lathe - Z Series

Without a doubt, this 1/2 HP, all ball bearing lathe beats all the others when it comes to quality and value. If can be used for spindle turning, or the headstock and tool rest can be rotated for convenient faceplate turning. The Model G1067Z offers a full 14" of swing over its precision-ground cast iron bed and 40" between centers â plenty of room for most turning projects. Six speeds, ranging from 600 â 2,100 RPM offers plenty of flexibility. Comes with live center, spur center and faceplate. An extremely versatile machine!


* 1/2 H.P. TEFC motor, 1720 R.P.M., 110V, 8 Amps
* 1" x 12 T.P.I. RH spindle
* 14" swing over bed
* 40" between centers
* 6 speeds: 510, 810, 1200, 1630, 2100, and 2800 R.P.M


  Grizzly G1495 Heavy-Duty Wood LatheGrizzly G1495 Heavy-Duty Wood Lathe

A high-quality, heavy-duty cast iron bed wood lathe that we were almost "ordered" by our customers to bring in! this is one of the best package deals we offer. We ask you to compare all of the features and accessories to others on the market. We are confident enough to say this is the best value out there. Call and ask for a reference.


* 7 speeds: 500-3070 R.P.M.
* Distance between centers: 40"
* Motor size: 3/4 H.P., single phase, 110V/220V
* Spindle size: 1" x 12 T.P.I. R.H.
* Swing over bed: 14"


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