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Here is a collection of books on different designs as well as designing furniture and other projects. These books will cover topics such as designing, constructing, selecting the right materials, tools to use, and other designs, information, and techniques.


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Design Your Own Furniture (by Jim Stack)

From roughing out an initial concept to creating an accurate cutting list of materials, this book guides readers through the process of designing a piece of furniture, start-to-finish. They'll learn how to: Create a one-of-a-kind, wholly original project; Design a piece of furniture that meets a very specific or unique need; Replicate a project working from a single photo; Scale a piece of furniture so that it fits exactly where desired. Jim Stack includes all the instructions, photos and detailed drawings woodworkers need to master design techniques with style, ease and confidence!






More Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture: 27 Stickley Designs for Every Room in the Home by Robert W. Lang, Robert W. Lang

These workshop drawings feature 27 pieces of household furniture designed by Gustav Stickley and his contemporaries of the Craftsman movement. Every type of furniture is represented here: Morris chairs, chests of drawers, wall shelves, bookcases, sideboards, dining tables, occasional tables, beds, side chairs, and rockers. Each project includes a perspective view along with elevations, sections and details, and complete measurements.






In the Shaker Style: Building Furniture Inspired by the Shaker Tradition
(by Fine Woodworking, Tim Schreiner)

The Shakers wanted their belongings to reflect the simplicity and perfection revered in their religion. Their furniture, with its clean lines and attention to detail, is still the most popular style of furniture more than a century after it was first designed. This book walks readers through a variety of Shaker-inspired projects ranging from beginning to advanced. It provides an overview of hallmark Shaker details, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and a gallery of photographs of successful projects.






In the Craftsman Style: Building Furniture Inspired by the Arts & Crafts Tradition (by Fine Woodworking (Editor), Tim Schreiner)

The Arts and Crafts style is simple enough to look good in almost any home and works with many types of furniture. Encompassing the Craftsman, Mission, Greene and Greene, and Stickley styles, this book gives readers detailed instructions for creating Arts and Crafts pieces at all levels. Step-by-step photographs and illustrations walk them through the process of building a classic Arts and Crafts chair, bookcase, sideboard, blanket chest, clock, and mantel, among other pieces. Photos of finished pieces provide additional inspiration.






Practical Design Solutions and Strategies: Key Advice for Sound Construction from Fine Woodworking (Essentials of Woodworking) (by Fine Woodworking (Editor), Fine Woodworking Magazine, Editors of Fine Woodworking magazine)

The sixth in a series of essential resources for today's woodcrafters, this latest volume includes over 20 chapters covering every aspect of furniture making, from designing new projects to building each piece to last more than a lifetime, along with specific options for tables, cabinets, and chairs.






David Charlesworth's Furniture-Making Techniques Volume Two
(by David Charlesworh)

Apprentice yourself to a master cabinetmaker and see why he believes that "many of the problems we face are subject to practical and simple solutions." Then try his approach to achieve your own elegant designs for exhibition-quality projects. His secret: master the abilities of each of your tools, and reorganize your shop for better planning and execution. Chapters feature how-to instructions on various skills combined with how-I-do-it projects, such as how to make perfect cabinet drawers; how to get the most from your bench, hand, and scraper planes; tips on edge jointing for tabletops; and insider approaches to clamping and gluing. Make the projects you see here, or use the tips and
techniques to improve the ones you're currently working on.






Chairmaking & Design (by Jeff Miller)

Award-winning designer and builder Jeff Miller shows how key design elements apply to all chairs. He provides a number of useful jig designs to simplify construction. The book includes plans for seven chair projects: dowel, right-angle, child's ladderback, slat-back, neo-classical, cafe style and captain's chairs. 136 photos. 85 drawings.






The Art of Rustic Furniture: Traditions, Techniques, Inspirations
(by Daniel Mack)

By today's top rustic-furniture maker, this book offers a variety of rustic projects, many of them reproductions of turn-of-the-century slab and rustic furniture. Use time-tested techniques to create a distinctive bench, settee, gazebo, or chair from wood you've chosen.






In the 18th Century Style: Building Furniture Inspired by the 18th Century Tradition (by Fine Woodworking (Editor), Editors of Fine Woodworking)

This collection brings together the best articles from Fine Woodworking and Home Furniture magazines on building furniture according to 18th-century design principles. Divided into three parts — Style and Design, Projects and Techniques, and Inspiration — the book offers background on the style, detailed instructions, and inspiring photos of finished pieces. 250 color photographs and illustrations are included.






Mission Furniture You Can Build : Authentic Techniques and Designs for the Home Woodworker (by John Wagner)

The Dramatic rise in Popularity of Mission Furniture has made it increasingly difficult to find. And more often than not, those pieces that are available also have enormous prices attached to them. Making your own Mission-style furniture provides not only a relatively economical way to have Mission furniture in your home, but also the satisfaction of building an authentic replica of a valuable period piece. Throughout the book, explicit photographs and abundant line drawings accompany clear and carefully explained instructions. The opening chapters lay the groundwork for selecting the right wood, assembling the required tools, and understanding the necessary skills for building each of the ten projects that follow. The woodworker with intermediate skills should be able to tackle any of the pieces with confidence and successful results. And the beginning woodworker, by starting with less demanding pieces, can develop valuable skills.






Design and Construction Books Page 1, 2, 3

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